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Australia's Scenic Public Toilets #15 - Lord Howe Island, New South Wales

The View from the Loo, Lord Howe Island

You can blame the public amenities block at Kata Tjuta, near Uluru in the Northern Territory for my obsession with the odd juxtapositioning of Australia's most spectacular scenery with the often mundane conveniences that service its admirers.  The view from this loo MUST be the best in Australia, I thought.

So I captured it on film.  And it remained my personal favourite until I saw the amenities at the Devil's Marbles, also in the Northern Territory.

Then, I visited Rainbow Valley (yep - also Northern Territory) - but although nearly too close to call, it didn't quite topple the Devil's Marbles as top loo view in OZ.  Still, the top three Scenic Public Toilets were in the Northern Territory, despite a strong showing from South Australia's Yorke Peninsula ( #5#6, #11 and a scattering of other state representation.

But now the time has come.  The Northern Territory has been supplanted by New South Wales, with this outsider from its magnificent off-shore island, Lord Howe Island!

AND ... just to prove this IS the view from the loo!

SO ... drumroll please ... here's my NEW favourite!  Why?  For the absolute jaw-droppingly awesomely superbly magnificent panorama, of course!  So great, in fact, you could sit there all day!

But don't take my word for it - check out the other contenders

Go on, check them out.  I'll wait ...

So am I right?

Yeah, I'm right, aren't I?!?!?!


  1. They all look great to me, I'll pick the one where there are no snakes or spiders :-)!


  2. This beats the public toilets in Manila any time!

  3. Do you want a vote on that? Evans Head looks very nice.

  4. What a great idea for posting. Love all your dunny views. Lord Howe is hard to beat.

  5. Morning - Nice pics and nice "loo" story. My Dad had a camp in the country and his "loo" overlooked the apple orchard - one large buck decided to pass through one night when Dad was in the "loo", and for some wierd reason, Dad had his shotgun in the "loo" with him. Fresh meat for the winter.
    "That's all she wrote"......

  6. they all look awesome to me.
    another nice post!

    lovely phots and header!!!

    betty xx

  7. When you gotta go, you gotta go in absolute bliss.
    Gorgeous view. :-)

  8. You couldn't buy these views for million dollars because they are priceless :-).

  9. Hi,
    Fantastic views from all of the toilets, a bit of thought went into placing these toilets I think, very nice.

  10. Wow...another great view. You have some amazing views of Australia from the Public Toilets. This is very creative and unique. I think you are the first one on this planet who tried this unique method.

    I see you in different other travel site, i thought you might be interested in this I think they are pretty new but worth a try if you haven't already found the site.

  11. Lord Howe is a hard place to beat in any respect. My only issue would be the temptation to leave the door open and not knowing who was climbing the peaks with binnoculars :)

  12. @Alessandra - haha! Luckily, no snakes on Lord Howe. Spiders, on the other hand ... well, lets just say we saw a few, but they kept to themselves!!
    @Aleah - I bet they beat the public loos ANYWHERE! Hey, there's a thought - maybe a world competition would prove it!! What do you think?
    @Andrew - Yeah! It'd be cool to see what others think!! And Evans Head? It's a more sweeping view, but it lacks the Lord Howe Is punchline!
    @diane b - Glad you feel that way; some people think I'm a weird sicko for my interest in loos!
    @Lily - Hahaha!!! But how come your dad just 'happened' to have his gun in the loo??? The biggest wildlife I've seen from the dunny is probably a kangaroo!!
    @Betty - C'mon! There must be SOMETHING you don't like! No, seriously, so glad to hear your positive comments!!

  13. @Eccentricess - It's actually a pleasure to do business in that kind of environment!!
    @Windsmoke - too true, my friend!
    @magsx2 - Or maybe I've just found the good ones!!
    @Sailor - Oh, I hope you're right! I'd like to be the first AND only!! And thanx for the tip - I'll go check that site out right now!!
    @Carolyn - haha! I never thought of that!! But you'd probably need a telescope - and no self-respecting mountaineer would carry one of those, would they? WOULD THEY???!!!

  14. We do have some lovely Loo views here in Oz.

  15. Now that's a view to contemplate the time away watching! No need for a book or maggie here! Great post Red.

  16. OMG! This is SO freaking funny! But in a neat way. I love how you wrote about this. So clever and informative. Neat way of looking at things. (Plus, we all have to go. Might as well have some neat scenery to enjoy while taking care of business. ;)

  17. @River - And this one doesn't even really look like OZ!!
    @PDP - Haha! I've yet to take reading material into a public loo - but you're right! This is no place for distraction!!
    @Courtney - I'm honoured you like it, given I get a laugh from your site quite frequently!! And yeah, making the best of a bad job isn't that hard here!!!

  18. OK Answer as to why my Dad had shotgun in the "loo" - coyotes, nasty little buggers, who will attack and Dad had seen some, so best to be prepared - he wasn't expecting the Buck to roam by and he did have his license to hunt. Coyotes are kinda like nasty small wolves and have been making appearances a lot lately. They have begun attacking us humans in groups, so a bounty was placed on them for a while - seems to be working, although, I would not go walking in the woods without my "22". Usually I shoot photos only, but if it came down to me and the coyote - I am the one walking away.

  19. Oh you know what's you starting telling me you had new bathroom pictures I had to stop by. Anything to avoid statistics.

  20. hahah views from the loo. that's something i'd never think of! :)

  21. @Lilly - well, I guess that's OK then!! Probably the most danger in the OZ loos are from spiders and/or snakes!!! And other humans, of course!! Thank god we have no coyotes here!!
    @Mrs Tuna - glad to be able to provide an appropriate distraction. Would love to hear your excuse for late assignments - sorry sir/madam, I was looking at public toilet photos from Australia!!!!
    @Michelle - is that because you've never seen any before? The OZ loo views are AMAZING!!

  22. simply fabulous, talk about a room with a view

  23. @Pearl Maple - welcome and thanx! It's a better view than much of the island accommodation has ... go figure!!

  24. Very, very impressive. I just hope that the inside had the even-more-important stuff - pee/poo-free seat and lots of loo paper?

  25. @Kath - Welcome back! Who cares about the interior when the view's this good? Oh yes, me of course! But happily, LHI facilities are top-notch in both view and amenity, the island being apparently bogan-free ...


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