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Random Adventure #6 - Do Bureaucrats Dream of Eccentric Sheep?# Kambah, Australian Capital Territory

Red and friends at Kambah
Travellers heading downunder don't always consider the Australian Capital Territory's Kambah as an alternative to more well known adventure destinations such as Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef.

Sure, overpaid bureaucrats government workers and fat cats politicians form a disproportionately high percentage of OZ capital Canberra's ~400,000 population, with champion drinkers students making up much of the balance, but why should this be a barrier to adventure?
But even I didn't anticipate the high tension and thrill of meeting new challenges in what should have been a routine work conference held at the Kambah Club.
Canberra's taxi-cab system, a masterclass in how to incorporate government immigration policy into a high-demand monopoly in a one-employer town meant waiting for a cab took almost as long as the flight. It also meant no one in the cab (3x interstate conference attendees + 1x cab driver) knew how to get to the Kambah Inn. Problem?
M finds our accomodation!
Familiarity with the intricacies of mission statements, butchers paper and political double-speak more than adequately equipped us – three monolingual conference veterans armed only with a street directory and destination address – for the challenge of successfully directing our new Australian driver through unfamiliar streets to our destination.

BUT … perhaps the nearby Kambah Inn's significantly lower tariff on the list of nearby accommodation provided to interstate attendees should have been a clue. If it was, we failed to heed it – preferring to trust the organisers rather than do a bit of extra research. But, in our defence, it shouldn't have made the list if it was dodgy. Should it?

Maybe 'accommodation' was a euphemism. Was the darkened building looming out of the carpark at the street address on our conference booking sheet REALLY where we'd booked in? It looked more like the Addams family mansion, or the Frankenstein house than a motel. Or a hotel. Or even an inn – at least not by cutesy standards involving signs preceded by 'Ye Olde …'!
The glorious Kambah Inn!
It was a pub. While a little on the skanky side, it DID offer accommodation – if the minuscule sign above the bottle shop wasn't false advertising. And although surrounded by complete darkness, a light glimmered from within. Within nanoseconds of paying, our cab screamed ecstatically into the night towards its next victim passenger. And we entered the Kambah Inn.

The manager's displeasure at our late arrival demonstrated a deep-seated misunderstanding of the Canberra cab situation. Or perhaps the Inn's customers usually arrived by alternative methods of transport? Like hearses or Black Marias. He led us past the walk-in freezer (freezer??) into his 'office' to 'check-in'.
M finds fun at Kambah, Australian Capital Territory
Was it an error of judgement to a) enter a darkened pub without witnesses; b) allow ourselves to be lured into its depths; or c) pay with cash?
Nah! But this WAS the kind of experience better shared with others.

SEVERAL others …
Red and Lollipop - the good sheep!!
The twin novelties of sleeping in a room without windows and sharing a bed with my friend and work colleague, M – at her suggestion once the dodgy fold out 'twin share' spare was found wanting – made a salacious little story the next morning for our boss!! AND … I'm not sure what the buff stacked muscular young man, with a towel draping his otherwise naked body was REALLY looking for when he knocked on our door asking for the ironing board – but it almost made up for the lack of windows.

Later, at the conference, M and I exchanged pleasantries with a couple of local attendees, as you do. It's called networking. Or, in the real world, chatting. Take your pick.
'Where are you staying?' they enquired.
Sheep may safely graze ...
'The Kambah Inn,' we replied, wondering how many others had fallen into the 'cheapest and closest' trap. The Inn's mention seemed to kill the conversation stone dead and silence spread around us.
'Why?' one finally ventured, visibly flinching as she exchanged glances with her colleague. 'Huh,' said the other one. 'Just as well it's not Thursday night.'
'Yeah,' the other one piped up. 'They've got live music that night. It apparently goes quite late.'
Of course their reaction and revelations demanded that we record our Kambah adventure as a warning for posterity. And now, as keeper of the pix M and I took with the disposable camera we bought AND as blogger extraordinaire*, Kambah's place in the Aussie adventure destination** pantheon must surely now be assured.
M finds room at the inn ... where are the windows??!!
And we're still not sure why Kambah is surrounded by fake eccentric sheep – it certainly doesn't need any more surrealism – but they fit right in, don't they?!?!

What better time to recount these recollections than on that traditional day for reminiscence and reflection – New Years Eve! Thank you to all my wonderful readers, commenters, subscribers and drop-ins – it's SO nice to know my words aren't dropping into a black hole …
I'll be visiting you in return starting ASAP now that my unforeseen and unexpected personal issues are out of the way! See you then!!
*By my own definition
** Unless everything's changed in the several years since these events unfolded ...
# Apologies to Philip K. Dick

AND ... not only is it now New Year's Day - it's Scenic Sunday!  Happy New Year - and check out other great Scenic Sunday posts from around the world!


Australia's Scenic Public Toilets #20 - The Best Alien Pit-Stop this side of the Galaxy! Wycliffe Well, NT

Wycliffe Well Amenties Block, Northern Territory*
What's a weary Aussie traveller to do after a few hours and a few hundred kilometres on the road? Stagger from the car – reeling from too much sitting and legs crossed since the last few sips of water – and head straight for the loo, of course! Or the nearest tree ... It's an Aussie outback traveller's rite of passage!!
Spot the Alien!  Red at Wycliffe Well*
So how desperate would you be if you've just crossed the universe, and you're a gazillion light years from home??

Appropriate facilities – or intelligent life forms – aren't always easy to find in this corner of the universe, so local and intergalactic travellers will be relieved (in more ways than one) to learn that Wycliffe Well, deep in the heart of the Northern Territory, and self-styled UFO capital of OZ doesn't just cater for mere earthlings!

Wycliffe Well Mural
Alien body waste disposal technology is still a new science here on Earth, however Wycliffe Well's ground-breaking inclusive convenience block labelling is sure to minimise offence no matter how far or from where the visitor has travelled! Or to what facilities s/he/it is accustomed ...

While the simple earth technology might not meet home galaxy standards, I would defy ANY traveller to wander amongst the random statues and murals tastefully adorning the grounds and not find something to make one feel at home!

Red, Pilchard and friend ...**
With the possible exception of the Elvis campsite ...
And if that fails, there's always the Galaxy Auditorium and Restaurant …

Sceptics may scoff at tiny Wycliffe Well's high per-capita UFO sighting rate – in 2002 the Sun Herald ranked it 5th in the world for UFO activity - and the uninformed will almost certainly put it down to substance abuse overindulgence; but who's to say this isn't an alien home away from home??

Yes, it's a pig.  Why?  WHY??!!
After the wonders we experienced on our 2008 visit, I suspect extraterrestrial navigation systems throughout the universe will be busy programming in Wycliffe Well's coordinates!!

AND … maybe one day Wycliffe Well will have the first certified amenities block in OZ to meet intergalactic standards!

I guess I'll just have to hold on 'til then!!

The conveniences and the campground, Wycliffe Well
Want more information?
* Pix by Pilchard
** Pic by a random stranger


I'm Walking on Sunshine ... AND Giveaway Winner!


I've been awarded the Sunshine Blog Award by TMW Hickman over at Not Just Another Mother Blogger – otherwise known as NJAMB! Why? Because – wannabees, take note – we Aussies shorten EVERYTHING!

As for the award - "The Sunshine Blog Award is [apparently] awarded to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspires others in the blogosphere". And yes, NJAMB actually means me!! In case you were wondering …

To remove all doubt, here's what she wrote!

“... I can't say enough good things about Red. Her travel blog is so full of cheerful imagery and gorgeous pictures. Plus, she is funny. I love her so much that when I am driving around, sometimes I think about stopping to take a picture so I can be like Red.”
Where was she when I needed a résumé?!?!

No matter. She's here now!! Love you too, NJAMB - everyone should have a friend like you!! Despite the clear dearth of responsible adults and suitable role models in your formative years ...

So I guess that means I'm going to accept the award – like THAT was in any doubt! But with great power comes great responsibility (sound familiar? Does 'Spiderman' ring a bell??) - and now it's payback time! Here's what I have to do!

* Thank the person who gave this award and write a post about it – CHECK!
* Answer the following [odd mix of] questions below – CHECK!!
* Pass the award to 10 fabulous bloggers, link their blogs and let them know you awarded them – CHECK!!!
Red Dunes
Too easy … although the apparent simplicity of the questions below is deceptive ...

1.  Favorite color? Well, duh! RED, of course!! And I've got two blog post series to prove it:  My FavouRED OZ things for my RED Aussie stuff – and RED Alert for guest RED photos and interviews (new post coming real soon!)

Red & Pilchard pig out (AGAIN!) at Mungalli
2.  Favorite animal? For what? Eating? Playing with?? Photographing??? Having a stuffed toy replica of???? Listening to????? Too hard … although when I really think about it, my favourite would have to be the Pilchard!!

3.  Favorite number? 13. No, I'm not superstitious. The number '13' is numerologically significant in my vital statistics, which is lucky for me – even if it isn't for anyone else!
4.  Favorite drink? Yes, please!
5.  Facebook or Twitter? I remain a Facebook virgin … and my @RedNomadOZ tweets are clearly WAAAAAAY too dull for Lonely Planet to Retweet – hell, why are these my only two options?? I've been told I give good email … 

6.  Your passion? 'I love a sunburnt country,  A land of sweeping plains, Of ragged mountain ranges, Of droughts and flooding rains … An opal hearted country, A wilful, lavish land! All you who have not loved her, You will not understand ...' (click HERE to read the rest of Dorothea MacKellar's classic Aussie poem 'My Country')
7.  Giving or getting presents? I'm an each-way-bet kind of girl ...
8.  Favorite day? So many to choose from downunder here in OZ! To prove my point, click HERE for a perfect moment; and HERE for a perfect day!! Jealous yet? You should be!
Sturts Desert Pea
9.  Favorite flower? Of course it's the RED Sturt's Desert Pea (Swainsona formosa) and floral emblem of South Australia! Thanx, sis for the pic!!
Now for the hard part - choosing ONLY 10 fabulous bloggers who have inspired the blogosphere with their creativity and positivity (if that's really a word). If your blog isn't below, please don't take it personally, or think that I don't appreciate your contribution – this time, I've selected bloggers that I haven't awarded before! 
Here they are (in blog name reverse alphabetical order, just in case you're feeling competitive ...). 

Awardees – if you wish to do more than bask in the glow of your very own Sunshine award, feel free to pass it on! You certainly don't have to … consider this a small down payment for the priceless enjoyment I've had from you!!

TriGirl at Tri-Ing to be Athletic 
A visit to TriGirl's hilarious take on training for triathlons will make those of you who know me wonder what we have in common!! But … while our lives are very different, our sense of humour is the same, which is why I laugh myself silly over her hilarious cartoons!

Dina at That Weird American Who's Obsessed With Australia 
Dina's fascinating and incisive take on OZ often gives me pause. Just goes to show that you don't have to live in a country to show its citizens a thing or two …

FruitCake at scuze i
FruitCake's well written and researched opinions on just about anything are required reading – if you care about topical issues and you're not afraid to laugh until you pee!

Saucy Kod at Saucy Kodz Blog
What fun it always is to pay a visit to Saucy Kod and Puppy Jack (PJ)! Seeing Canada – and life – through their eyes makes every virtual trip worthwhile ...

Diane at On the Alberta/Montana Border
Diane is a born raconteur … and if, like me, you sometimes want to lose yourself in another time and place, then pay her a visit!

Jane and Lance Hattatt at HATTATT
It's quite possible that I have nothing in common with this refined couple whose elegant prose describes a way of life so far removed from my own downunder here in OZ! But that's what's so great about the world wide web, right?

Rubye Jack at Blue Skies, Sunny Days
If you're looking for beautifully written fine storytelling, thought Iprovoking posts and a wry sense of humour (and who ISN'T?!?!) then Rubye's is the place to be!

Windsmoke at Bizarre Scribble
Windsmoke's jokes were the initial drawcard. But I keep coming back for the wonderful images in his haiku – and more recently, the hilarious anagrams!!

Alessandra at Alessandra Zecchini 
Recipes, photography, travel … it's all happening across the ditch (aka in New Zealand) where this feisty Italian cooks, produces recipe books, tours and makes me salivate on a regular basis!

Sallie at A Full Time Life
A traveller like me, Sallie's stories and photos almost make me want to head to where she's been just to check it out! I'll probably go once I'm done touring OZ!!

Diane at Adventures before Dementia 
Diane's already shown me places in OZ I can't wait to see! So of COURSE her blog is required reading! Oh! And she does a fine line in reminiscence as well ...


Oh! Nearly forgot!!

Yes, the Journey Jottings Product Pack has been won! My very first giveaway – a FAAAABULOUS Aussie Product Pack donated by Linda of Journey Jottings fame – closed last night (OZ time).

Thank you to all those who entered – I loved your entries so much it was VEEEERRY difficult to pick a winner! If ONLY I'd made it easier for myself by letting do the selections …

BUT … the winning entry not only made me laugh the most, but the entrants are also CLEARLY in need of a map!!

SO ….

The winner is ….

Wait for it …

Yes, this is getting annoying, right?!?!?!

So without further ado …

Jane and Lance Hattatt with 'We know that Australia is DOWN UNDER but where EXACTLY?!!!'
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Until next time ... I'll leave you with a flashback to that fabulous 'feel good' classic - 'I'm Walking on Sunshine' by Katrina and the Waves!!


Giveaway #1 - Journey Jottings Product Pack!

MY Journey Jottings Australia Map Journal & travel paraphernalia ...
It was love at first sight.

When I first saw the FAAAAAABULOUS Journey Jottings Map Journal in a Visitor Information Centre, I HAD to have one!

Then I found Linda's Journey Jottings blog via Annabel Candy (of Get In the Hot Spot fame) and immediately became a follower! I couldn't believe my luck when Linda commented on my blog (yes, HERE!!!*) so I tweeted her when I saw Map Journals in odd locations on the road.

Instead of dismissing me as a crazed stalker, Linda asked for a guest post. Read where I saw Journey Jottings products in 2011, and where I bought my Map Journal HERE!

So to reward one of my RED-HOT reader/followers, Linda kindly donated a pack of four fantastic Journey Jottings products valued at $AUD 29.90 RRP for me to give away! It includes (click on each item for details):

What YOU could win!
The pack contents are as shown in the photo, but you'll be better off taking the links above, or visiting to see what they REALLY look like! And if you lose your entry is unsuccessful, you needn't miss out! Just order the products of your choice direct!

I'm SO excited to have this pack of brilliant Aussie-made Journey Jottings products to give away I'm almost tempted to enter the competition myself!

But that would be wrong …

So here's how YOU can get your hands on it:
  1. Follow me if you don't already (via 'Follow' button at top of page; 'Follow' button in right sidebar under 'Red's Readers'; Twitter; email or some other verifiable way)
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  3. Do all this before 9:00 pm Australian Eastern Daylight Saving time, Monday 19th December, 2011 when the competition closes - yep, that's a week from now!
The comment that makes me laugh the most will win! The winner will be announced on my blog once I've stopped laughing …

While you're thinking about your entry, why not visit Get in The Hot Spot's 25 Australian travel blogs and bloggers to watch in 2012? YES! I'm THERE!!*

Want more information?

* Pardon me while I have a fan-girl moment …
** Anyone can leave a comment - if you haven't got one of the profile options, select 'anonymous' and make sure you leave your name


The 3-Car, 2-Beach, One Fine Day!

West Cape Lighthouse, Innes National Park, Yorke Peninsula, South Australia
Sometimes, not planning turns out best. And sometimes the planets align and fabulous weather, bizarre experiences, brilliant destination and perfect moments all come together on one fine day …

Fine in every sense!

Beach at West Cape
And the sky!  The glorious sky!!  Yes, Innes National Park at the very southern end of South Australia's York Peninsula was already one of my favourite places.

But, on this fine day in December 2011, the air shimmering with the promise of summer, the breeze cool over the water, crazy patterned cloud painting the sky and new* Scenic Public Toilets on the verge of discovery, I wouldn't have traded places with anyone! For ANYTHING!

Islands in Pondalowie Bay, Innes National Park, South Australia
The young surfies doing god knows what in the shelter shed overlooking Pondalowie made the West Cape Lighthouse circuit track the most attractive option. Whatever they were doing required the doof-doof-doof of music pounding from the open door of their car – parked as close as could be without actually hitting the barrier. Ah, sweet mystery of life …

Captain Kangaroo
But once heading for the lighthouse, the staggering view wiped all thoughts of sand, surf and various other 's' words from our minds. Rock parrots grazed among the low vegetation, but Pilchard's attempt at the perfect photo was thwarted by Captain Kangaroo!

Pondalowie Bay's magnificent islands stretched out in front of us as we rounded the lighthouse and Helipad and the cliffs dropped away to the blue, blue sea meeting the sky in a dark band on the horizon. Who knew whether that meant bad weather coming? And who cared??!!

Down in the bay, the lighthouse we'd just visited was a small and distant speck on the headland. And who'd stay in the uninviting car park, ablaze with heat and bright light reflecting the road's stark white gypsum? Not us … but no one in the car closest to the track – towels over the windows shielding our view from god knows what inside – was admiring the view!

Pilchard, Pondalowie Bay and the West Cape Lighthouse!
Alone at last, we reached the end of the line, and the perfect curve of Brown's Beach far below the car park. A sign warned of the eroded track – another example of South Australia's cunning plan to replace maintenance and repair with warning signs and reduced speed limits …

The road to Pondalowie
A car, unaccountably boxing us in, arrived as we set off down the steep track to the beach. Jesus may well be Lord (according to their windscreen sticker) but he didn't stop them having a good old sticky-beak through the car windows when they thought we were otherwise occupied on the descent!

Browns Beach, Innes National Park, Yorke Peninsula, South Australia
However, with all our valuables in my backpack, and our ageing car closing in on 250,000 km, the lord was not providing for his middle-aged believers today!

Pilchard on the rocks ...

But I didn't care! With water so clear I could photograph the starfish and sea urchins through it, the cool sea lapping at my feet, the sand now thankfully too hot for the snakes that'd left their tracks behind and the glorious beach stretching out in front of me, our one fine day drew to a close.

Almost Tropical!  But WAAAAAAY too far south ...
A day like this deserves to be recorded. Because who knows when – if – the planets will again align to give us another?

Want more information? Read my previous blog posts!

Skywatch may well give you skies more colourful and exotic from around the world this week, but I still wouldn't trade my one fine day for quids!  Why not head over there and check them all out anyway??!!

* Look out for my new Scenic Public Toilet soon!


Aussie ABC - G is for Gorge

Brachina Gorge, Flinders Ranges National Park, South Australia*
Gorging yourself silly in OZ doesn't mean what you're probably thinking it means.

Katherine Gorge, Northern Territory
For a start, I'm not even talking about food – although you haven't lived until you've eaten at a fine OZ bakery – but I digress!

No, I'm talking about gorges. OZ is riddled with them. And in some parts, you can't swing a long-tailed goanna without hitting one – to the point where being a tourist is tantamount to being all gorged out ...

Cania Gorge, Queensland
Not that that's a bad thing - there's something about gorges that draws you down the depths in a sometimes taxing reverse-mountain-climb! At the bottom, there's another world that just invites you to rock-hop, swim or canoe along the inevitable river bed, explore the geographic features – rocks, waterfalls, caves – and photograph the rim against the sun. Or is that just me?

It'd be a rare person who's visited all the gorges in OZ – I'm not even close! But I've explored quite a few over the years, so here's a starter menu of 10 random ravines recommended by Red! They're not the only – or necessarily the best – in OZ. But you can't go wrong with these!

Lawn Hill Gorge Rim

Hiking the floor of this remote outback gorge isn't an option. But hire a canoe and dodge the freshwater crocodiles and file snakes (I nearly hit one with my paddle) before using the portage to get to the upper gorge! Swim with giant catfish, bathe in the falls or hike to the rim for the reddest rock you'll see almost anywhere!

Canoeing at Lawn Hill Gorge

Kings Canyon, Northern Territory

This magnificent gorge, often overshadowed by the (relatively) nearby – and better known – Uluru, starred in the OZ modern classic film 'Priscilla, Queen of the Desert'. While Pilchard and I weren't tempted to re-enact the famous 'co*k in a frock on a rock' scene where three drag queens 'do' the gorge, the rigorous circuit track rewards hikers with some of the most magnificent views in OZ!

RED Rock Walls at Kings Canyon, Northern Territory

Cave, Cania Gorge
3. Cania Gorge NP, via Monto, Queensland
Cania Gorge Campground

Impressive walks through stunning scenery, Central Queensland's Cania gorge has it all – killer hikes, remnant rainforest, rocky walls, fantastic views, bushranger caves and a mighty dam nearby for fishing. It's been too long since we visited this fabulous spot with kangaroos and potoroos in the campground, and platypus in the creek.

The spine-tinglingly bloodcurdling shriek that rent the night air wasn't a woman being murdered either – that's exactly what Barking Owl sounds like!

Golton Gorge

With any luck, the heavy rain that ended Victoria's 10 year drought in early 2011 and closed this spectacular gorge hasn't caused permanent damage. A favourite northern Grampians hike, Peregine Falcon's wild, sad call ringing out high above the rugged river bed always gives me goosebumps. In a good way. If I'd known the last time we walked the circuit track might be the last time we EVER walked it, we'd have taken it more slowly – and taken more photos!

Rocks and Red at Golton Gorge, Northern Grampians, Victoria*
Brachina Gorge, Flinders Ranges NP, SA

The granddaddy of them all, a journey through magnificent Brachina Gorge in Outback South Australia is like tripping in a time machine through aeons of geological activity caused by weathering, erosion and time. The awesome scenery is pretty spectacular as well – with an almost unbeatable Scenic Public Toilet!

Trephina Gorge
6. Trephina Gorge, CentralAustralia, Northern Territory

Red hair, white sand, black clothing, blue skies, green foliage, red rock. What's not to love about this photographer's fantasy in the depths of Central Australia? One of several gorges in the region, Trephina Gorge Nature Park epitomises the Outback's harsh, unforgiving landscape while emphasising its rugged, wild beauty.

Red, White, Green, Blue, Black at Trephina Gorge, Central Australia, Northern Territory*

Carnarvon Gorge Lookout, Queensland

One of the better opportunities for that valued rocky-walls-against-blue-sky shot, Carnarvon Gorge's walking trail is reasonably easy going – if you don't count the length ! A ~20 km round trip – if you don't count the detours to chasms, gullies and Indigenous art!! Platypus in the creek and a spectacular setting put this amazing gorge well and truly on the tourist trail.

Carnarvon Gorge Rim, Queensland

Except for an hour in the middle of the day, this deep, narrow gorge near Alice Springs in Central Australia is mostly in shadow. But when the sun's directly overhead, the magnificence of the rich red glow on the steep, rocky walls towering high, high above is unparalleled!

Standley Chasm, Central Australia, Northern Territory

Red banks at Redbanks, South Australia

The megafauna once roaming this region now sadly long absent, there's no distraction from the magnificent scenery of this spectacular spot. Exploring the ever-eroding red river banks (yes, the name is SO imaginative!), and walking the gorge shows the savage beauty of this untamed, arid landscape. But my favourite bit? When Red-capped Robin comes bob-bob-bobbin along!!

Redbanks, via Burra, South Australia

Katherine Gorge

The achingly beautiful and haunting sound of our Aboriginal guide's didgeridoo echoing through a cave and across the water is a highlight of this guided tour – the only way to see awesome Katherine Gorge, deep in the heart of the Northern Territory. Exploring this ancient and mystic landscape is a privilege not to be missed!

There's that sky shot again!  This time at Katherine Gorge, Northern Territory*

And these are just 10 of the gorgeous gorges (c'mon! you KNEW I had to throw that in!) downunder in OZ to which I've been! Imagine what's in store in the parts I haven't visited yet?!?! Don't know about you, but I can't wait!!!

NP = National Park

*Pix by Pilchard
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