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1000 words about ... CLOUDS!

Sunset at Lake Lascelles, Hopetoun, Victoria
My legendary inability to embrace the concept of brevity has meant some favourite photos don't see the light of day.  Or are lumped together with other photos that dull their impact.

They don't fit in to my longer blog posts about a destination or theme – and the idea of posting a single shot with virtually no commentary just never occurred to me.

So welcome to my new series where I let the photo speak the 1000 words a picture is generally attributed with all by itself!

Well nearly. This sunset over Lake Lascelles in Hopetoun, Victoria at one of our all time favourite campsites gave me one of those rare moments that photographers crave when several factors converge to produce a perfect moment that's captured in a shot.


I used another photo of Lake Lascelles HERE but this one didn't fit the theme – so now I'm giving it the post it deserves!!

* Aussie phonetic pronounciation of 'Have a good weekend'


  1. Love the phonetic expression and always love clouds n sunsets. One of my favourite times of the day to be able to take photos. You are 100% correct "let the photo speak the 1000 words".
    I can certainly see why this would be your favourite campsite, very beautiful sunset at Lake Lascelles. Thank you Red for sharing this new series of yours. LIKE VERY MUCH!

  2. and a glorious sunset snapshot it is too Red!

  3. It certainly does speak for itself.

  4. Good point about good photos getting lost in multiple photos. When, one day, I take a good photo, I will ensure that doesn't happen. "Tis a lovely photo.

  5. It looks photoshopped, it is so perfect. This is a great shot, Red. Just plain gorgeous!

  6. I love this photo, the sunset, the still water, the reflections, all perfect.

  7. Amazing photo Red, and I am a big fan of clouds :-)


  8. That picture is amazing. I love how the clouds are reflected in the water.

    Funny you should write about clouds. I was watching clouds all last week because of the Hurricane that was on it's way and going to ruin my vacation. We ended up leaving the area we were in and going North.

  9. This image deserves a post all to itself Red, it's a beauty.

  10. A beautiful place to camp! And I think it'll be cool to see your shorter photo posts interspersed with your great travelogs, because it means we'll see more of your great camping trips.

  11. That shot is just great! I cant see a way it could be better.

    Hope all is well - Stewart M - Melbourne

  12. Beautiful sunset and reflections.

  13. Stunning photo, OZ. It deserves a post all of its own.

  14. I switched from my phone, to my laptop, to my 23" widescreen to better enjoy this photo and it's still not enough. Glad your 1,000 words come with 10,000,000 pixels.

  15. What a stunning photo, Red! This pic really does speak for itself.

  16. Impressive shot that does deserve its own special moment.

    Am off to Google Hopetoun, Victoria, because have no idea where that is. Obviously a pretty spot to camp - one for our list?


  17. Absolutely stunning imagery here. Love seeing scenes from another part of the world!

  18. Absolutely cracking shot, Red. Poster worthy!

  19. In a thousand words ... here's my comment: "Beautiful".

  20. I love-love clouds! And I relate, I prefer writing longer posts too, though I work on combining both long and short posts on my blog. Beautiful photo!

  21. Beautiful clouds and sunset. Love it!

  22. @Saucy Kod - I used to look for clear blue skies but now I know clouds make MUCH better pictures!
    @John - Thank you!
    @Carole - I couldn't believe my luck!
    @Filip & Kristel - Greetings to you too!
    @Windsmoke - I'm glad it affected you like it affected me!
    @Andrew - what do you mean, 'one day ...'?! This was one of those lucky 'right place, right time, camera working' moments ...
    @TMWH - Thank you! Photoshop is WAAAAY beyond my limited powers ...
    @River - One day the planets will again align and I'll get to do another one!!
    @Alessandra - Me too! They add so much character to the view!!
    @MJWC - Glad to hear you survived Isaac - looked pretty scary from down here!
    @PDP - Thank you!! Glad you liked it!

  23. @Sallie - Ah, you're just too polite to say I struggle with brevity, right?!?!
    @Stewart - Not having to struggle with the technology to 'fix' it suits me just fine!!
    @diane b - I took your advice and off-centred it!!! I guess that worked!
    @Cathy - That's what I thought!
    @SFlaGuy - Ah, you're too kind ... I've only ever seen it on my small screen - because that's the only one I've got!
    @Explore Australia - We couldn't believe our luck that this fab campground was virtually empty!
    @Go Camping - It's a superb spot - the gateway to Wyperfeld NP, also worth a visit!
    @Marcie - Sunsets are universal, aren't they?!
    @Kath - HHHMMMmmm... there's a thought!
    @Johanna - Just btw u & I, I think some of my readers are glad I didn't use 1000 actual words ...
    @Ayelet - This has been a success - I'll be doing lots more shorter posts now!!
    @Marianne - Thank you!!

  24. It is a gorgeous sky! I wish you a great weekend!

  25. Want to say, that´s a very nice sunset in a fantastic land. Wonderful captured and thanks for sharing.


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