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1000 Words About ... the Water's Edge!

The water's edge at Clematis Falls, Halls Gap, Victoria

Water doesn't have its own distinctive shape like, say, a rock ledge, a cliff top or a river bank - it takes on the shape of any harder object or substance it encounters. So finding the water's 'edge' is virtually impossible because it's not really the water's edge at all – but the edge of the shape the water has filled!

But … sometimes the shape is too small to hold it so the water trickles, drips and flows its way over the edge, down ... always down.

Under the rocky bar at Clematis Falls, near Halls Gap – deep in the Victorian Grampians region – the water has risen to meet the edge. A curtain of drops makes its own magic* in the early morning sunlight as it falls to make a new shape in the pool below.

And I see the water's edge ...

Early morning at Clematis Falls, Halls Gap, Grampians

How exciting to participate in my first City Daily Photo Theme Day! For many different takes on the theme 'At the Water's Edge' from all around the world, click HERE!

* Magic = the setting on my camera I used to take this shot!


  1. That is one - no, they are - two very stunning photos.

  2. A beautiful place.
    Greetings from Switzerland

  3. Very pretty spot. Only nature looks pretty in the early morning light. I certainly don't.

  4. Magic is definitely the right word for this setting -- and this subject matter. I love waterfalls. (When we traveled all the time in our RV I used to say I 'collected' them...(Pictures being the only collection we had room for)...I still remember every beautiful falls we visited -- wish I could add yours, but at least I can virtually.

  5. Welcome to the CDP Theme day Red. What a magical spot.

  6. Lovely shots. The Grampians is a very pretty area and they make good wine there too.

  7. Ditto Mark Red, welcome to CDP and what a stunning post for your first theme day. Nature at its very best.

  8. Wonderful photos of an exotic place. Makes me want to visit, especially now that our weather is getting colder.

    A Happy Halloween to you too. This holiday is mostly about giving candy to children in costume. The kids have a great time going from house to house to collect their sweets. But it is more fun to see all the kids in their costumes, and their timid request, "Trick or Treat?" Point is there are no tricks, only treats.

  9. G'day Red, VERY nice pic and I will have to get to that area one of these days. Only a couple of days from here I reckon :)

  10. Welcome to the Theme Day! And good to see water going over the edge!

  11. @FruitCake - I couldn't decide which one to use ... so I stood firmly on shifting sand and chose both!
    @Angela - Greetings right back to Switzerland! Our mountains are tiny by your standards - but beautiful just the same!
    @Andrew - Really? I thought everyone looked great in the morning - NOT!!!
    @Sallie - Many years ago we had 'the day of the waterfalls' in the far North & visited EIGHT! I like your idea of collecting pix because that's actually exactly what I do without having thought of it!!
    @Mark - Thank you!
    @diane b - We LOVE the Grampians - but have only been to Great Wester once!! Maybe that's because we spend our time in the bakeries ...
    PDP - I was SOOOOO lucky the shot I had fitted the theme ...
    @TFG - Thank you!! Come on down anytime - virtually is OK too!! If I dress up as a child in costume does that mean I'll get candy??!!
    @Rose - G'day to you too! If you hurry down there you can still catch the wildflowers!! It's SO worth a trip - hope you get there one day!
    @Shantaram - Thank you! Look forward to seeing the other interpretations of this theme!!

  12. Certainly is a magical spot indeed.

  13. Thanks for the message Red, you'll hardly know Im gone as I'll harass you with incessant comments! ;)

  14. What a wonderful post.
    Look forward to seeing more.
    Happy Theme Day to you :)

  15. Hello Red:
    For us too, water in all its forms is endlessly fascinating. This looks to be a totally magical spot and the light caught on the water adds to the brilliance.

  16. Really pretty waterfall! Clematis Falls, Halls Gap, added to my list of places to see.

  17. Beautiful, and mystical. Where might I find this 'magic' setting on my camera?

  18. I think I see a double rainbow. No triple! That's three pots of gold right... or is that some other country. Can't quite remember.

  19. It is a nice sight such a small wide spread waterfall.


  20. Beautiful pictures. You would be able to take a shower under those rocks if you wanted to.

  21. It could almost be like in NZ this one :-).
    Precious water!


  22. You keep making wish I was born down there.

  23. Reminds me of the waterfalls in the Blue Mountains .. it has not yet been my joy to get to the Grampians.

  24. These are wonderful photos doing justice to a wonderful place.

  25. Love your choice for the theme day. Thank you for sharing it with us all.

    Have a great month!

  26. beautiful images and welcome to theme day!! :)

  27. @Windsmoke - It was until a family with three kids arrived, anyway!
    @Rose - I look forward to it!!
    @Jo - Thank you, and same to you!
    @Jane & Lance - Don't tell anyone, but I suspect part of the light refraction comes from my lens ...
    @River - That's only one of MANY marvellous spots in the Grampians!
    @TMWH - Ha! It's just one of the settings along with 'Scenery', 'Macro' and the like. There's 8 'Magic' settings - might be called 'special effects' or something like that on yours?
    @SFlaGuy - No, three pots of gold will do just fine ...
    @Filip - It took me a long time to realise a trickle could be just as effective as a mighty flow!

  28. @Are We There Yet - HHHMMMmmm... only if you weren't that worried about privacy!!!
    @Alessandra - Maybe because it's in a more mountainous area?!
    @Beach Bum - And I keep telling you that you could become an honorary Aussie anytime!!!
    @Joan Elizabeth - Seen one mountain waterfall, seen 'em all, huh?!?! Would be interesting to get your perspective on how similar/different they'd be!
    @Friko - You're too kind ...
    @Valladolid DP - Thank you, and same to you!!
    @Tanya - Thank you, and I look foward to seeing more!

  29. The Grampians seem to be very similar to the BMs. I have on numerous occasions mistaken photos of the Grampians for mountains closer to home. That's why I would love to visit there one day just to see it this is really so.

  30. Beautiful spot. Thank you for your comment on my blog!

  31. Absolutely stunning - isn't nature beautiful! (Your beautiful Australian shots remind me a bit of where I grew up - Hawaii - lovely beaches, sun, outdoors...) Thank you for dropping by.

  32. very nice presentation for this month's theme...


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